We are often asked about our food philosophy, and over the years we’ve listened to others wax poetic about this at length. Our philosophy is concise and to the point. We have two guiding principles:

"If we don't serve the customer, someone else will."


"If it doesn't taste good, then why bother?"



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Friends and customers enjoy a meal at Crazy Cat's original location in Highland Village Courtyard.
Crazy Cat Bakers began when then owner Jon Lansdale was offered the job of catering desserts for one of Jackson’s premier social events, The Jackson Junior League’s Mistletoe Market Preview Party. With an expected attendance of 3000, it was a sink or swim moment. Thankfully—with the help of friends, family, the most inexpensive stove from the Sears at Metro Center, and the attitude, “If this is a complete failure, they probably should not have given this job to someone with no catering or professional baking experience,”—the evening was an overwhelming success! Crazy Cat Bakers was born.

The following year Crazy Cat donated food for Taste of Mississippi, Stewpot’s annual fundraiser held at Highland Village.  This event led to a chance encounter with the owners of Highland Village, who offered a tiny little corner space—a mere 643 square feet—whose currant tenant wanted out of their lease.  On Monday, September 11, 2006 at 10:00am, Crazy Cat Bakers opened our doors.

We opened with a George Forman Grill Press ($29.99), two $300 stoves from Cowboy Maloney and a Presto Electric Skillet, a Christmas gift from Jon’s mother that came with the advice, “One day you will need this.”  No truer words have ever been spoken. By the time we had to replace it, it had only one good leg and the cord was more electrical tape than anything else.
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Co-Owners Jon Lansdale and Gary Hawkins
Crazy Cat Bakers opened with an emphasis on classic Southern inspired desserts—made from scratch in small batches—and a small lunch menu. We built a solid little business with that formula, and then everything changed the morning a small story in Mississippi Magazine proclaimed Crazy Cat Bakers, “One of Mississippi’s best kept secrets.” Overnight, our business tripled.

One of the Cat’s loyal customers happened to be Gary Hawkins, Chef at the Fairview Bed and Breakfast. Gary was thinking about venturing out on his own, and the Cat was in dire need of a larger space with better facilities. When Jon and Gary realized they shared a vision—to develop the quintessential neighborhood restaurant, combining southern tradition with modern interpretation and no pretense—Crazy Cat Eat UP was born anew.

Gary brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the new Crazy Cat concept, which allowed us to expand our menu but also meant we needed more space. Thankfully, the owner of Canton Mart Square called—at the request of his wife, a long time Crazy Cat customer—to ask if we might consider moving into a spot he had open. A handful of our most loyal customers generously loaned us the necessary start up capitol, and we began renovating the space using a design philosophy of "found, free or flea."

We announced the opening of our new location with a simple Facebook post, as there was no money left for advertising. Our first day brought in a handful of people, the following day the line was out the door, and as they say: the rest is history.


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When you stop by Crazy Cat Eat Up, it's likely that one of the first things you'll notice are the large recipe cards framed across one wall of the dining area.

These are actually family recipes; handwritten by Co-owner and Chef Jon Lansdale's Grandmother and Great-Grandmother, enlarged, printed, and framed to serve as the focal piece of the restaurant's décor.

This homey touch is just one more reminder that everything you taste at Crazy Cat Eat Up is made from scratch, with love, in the finest southern family tradition.

Come experience it for yourself! We can't wait to serve you up a sweet taste of the South.